Bouchra & Omar’s Wedding Gift — Timeless 3D Art Sculpture

This wedding gift to Bouchra and Omar is a digital sculpture, filmed and processed artistically into 3D photos and film. The problem with normal 2-dimensional photography is that the framing only includes one side of the story.

By processing and creating this wedding sculpture for Bouchra and Omar, they can see the entire moment and context in the world that has been created on this web-portal. So they are not only able to celebrate their moment, but also see everyone’s reaction and joy being sent toward them, a view they would have never had during the event. This page is only a sample of the content, and all the digital content from the event will given to the Bride and Groom for keeping within their families valuable possessions.

Please feel free to click around the sculptures and move them around on your smartphone or laptop. These are also viewable with Virtual Reality goggles that can make people feel as if they are standing in the crowd at the event. This also benefits those to old or sick to travel to share their love, and for anyone else who could not make it in person at the event.

Finally, I like to say that this gift is not just for them, but really for their grand children and generations to come, who will be able to look at these images through a Virtual Reality headset and feel as if they were with us celebrating one of the most beautiful day of their grandparent’s life.
— Nima Veiseh (

6 Moments of the Wedding Weekend Sculpted into 3D.

Starting with the first dance on Friday through the party Saturday.

Sculpture 1: Omar leans in to kiss Bouchra while they are being celebrated on Saturday night during their second reveal at the Selman Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco. Look around the moment and see all of the audience around sending their and gratitude love for the couple.

Lean In #bowedding - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Sculpture 2: First Dance on Friday Night.

First Dance #bowedding - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Sculpture 3: Film Sculpture of Moment when Groom introduces Bride to the crowd on Saturday Night.

Sculpture 4: Sculpture of Groom leading Bride on wedding parade.

Sea Of Love -- Entrance of Couple -- #bowedding - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Sculpture 5: Frozen in time celebration after dinner Saturday.

Dancing in 3D #bowedding - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Sculpture 6: Sculpture of the beautiful energy surrounding the event and the wedding couple.

BO Wedding - Test #1C - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA