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EON (the Enigma Of Newyork) is a painter who distills natural moments of transition and connectivity into artistic expression.  His art is enabled by a rare cerebral condition that allows him to see life and paint in terms many layers. The dozens of layers of paint involved in each piece are true to life's both integrated and every changing nature.  His Superscape style dissects subjects both in space and time, and reconstruct them using the entire pallet of colors.  Just as natural light is the composite of each color in the rainbow, it is only by their juxtaposition before our eyes that we see the movements and colors in between.  Ultimately, the effect is created not by the static painting itself, but by the interaction of the observer with the painting from a stationary focal point.  The richness of the textures and colors come from his mixed-medium, bricolage technique the requires spray and acrylic. His background as both scientist and artist informs this perspective.

The process involves dozens of layers in order to achieve the dynamic textures that express differently depending on the surrounding space and lighting.  He has trained at the Arts League of New York on 57th Street, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Exhibitions, Features and Shows:

2015 -- Duo Exhibition, L2, Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Jan 14-Feb 8th.

2015 -- Group Exhibition, Brick Lane Gallery, London, Nov 10-23.

2015 -- Solo Exhibition, Purehouse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY May – August.

2015 -- Solo Exhibition, White Room, Washington, DC May 14th.

2014 -- Solo Showcase, 12 Pieces on Display, ENO Bar, August 1st - August 8th. Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

2014 -- Solo Showcase, 20 Pieces on display, Fathom Gallery, Washington D.C. Starting May 15th -- Ending June 1st.

2014 -- Three Week Live Art Exhibit, Fathom Creative, Washington D.C. Painting on 48x56in Canvas in Main Lobby. Feb-Mar.

2014 -- New York Ave Gallery Opening, Washington, D.C. Four Featured Pieces at 411 New York Ave NE. Dec 13th - Jan 2014.

2013 -- Bloomingdale Art Show, Washington, D.C. Five Featured Pieces at 410 Florida Ave Gallery. Oct 19th.

2013 -- NYCHouse Fall Exhibition, New York, NY. September through November. 17th St and 5th Ave. www.NYCHouse.co.

Photographs from Exhibitions, From New York City to London: